Kim Osborn Artistry


The art work sold here has been created by Kim Osborn. The work has been signed by the artist and the prints are Numbered — with a Limited Print Series of /200 per Graphite/Charcoal artwork and /50 sold per watercolour artwork. 

Kim is a wife and a mother. When she finished High School, Kim studied a Bachelor of Graphic Design, as well as Primary Education. 

Kim is currently teaching Special Education in a Primary School on the Central Coast NSW, Australia. Kim creates Artworks Part-time. 

"I have always loved drawing and painting since I was a little girl. My dad would teach me new skills in drawing with perspective, light and line. I always found myself drawing still life objects and animals — particularly marine life. Being creative is my happy and peaceful place."

Kim spends most of her weekends exploring the rocks at her local Central Coast beaches, with her husband and two sons. 

"My boys are busy and adventurous. They have always loved exploring rock pools and coastlines. It is in these times that I often find inspiration for my art works. I believe there is a God and He is Creator. He has certainly created some beautiful things.”

Kim has taught children in drawing classes in the past, and has enjoyed watching these students develop in skill and their love for drawing. 

Kim has a real love for the ocean and all that is created in and around it. She loves to look at the intricate details of shells, sand, rocks and creatures within the sea. 

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