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Image of Lifou Turtles

Lifou Turtles

$55.00 - $90.00

Family of turtles beneath the water that we all wish we could dive into. This painting was inspired by my snorkelling on the island of Lifou. I saw more fish and sea snakes, than turtles. However, I did see this image when I was on the small boat heading across to the island.

I’m really excited about this artwork, as I’ll be partnering with Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre (CTRC). They are a voluntary non-profit organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick and injured turtles. When you purchase one of these artworks, you won’t just be supporting me, but 20% of all proceeds will be going towards CTRC and the work that goes on there.

| Watercolour |
| Limited Print Series of /50 |

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