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History of Surfing

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I always enjoyed going to the beach and playing in the waves from a young age. I remember boards stored at my grandparents house in Umina and hearing stories of my Uncle catching amazing waves and how much fun it was. When I was a little girl, he gave us an old board one day and I used to pretend I was him whilst riding the lawn in my backyard.

However, I joined the surfing family late, catching my first stand up in my late teens.

I fell in love with the sport and made sure every sunny holiday was accompanied by long peeling waves where my longboard and I could be as one.

I have always loved watching old surf films and observing the changes of the surfboard over time. This artwork dates back to the Hawaiian solid planks of the 1800’s, to Tom Blake’s invention of hollowing out the board in the early 1900’s. The progression continues to take shape, as does the evolution of the surfboard, right through to the 21st century. More designs by surfers and shapers such as Bob Simmons, Steve Lis, Brian McGrigor and Al Merrick take part in this artwork.

If you could enter the green room or roll on with one of these boards, what would you choose?

| Graphite and Charcoal |
| Limited print series /200 |

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