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Image of Sharks


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I remember seeing my first shark. I was a young girl and I was snorkelling with my dad and brother at Copacabana beach. We saw loads of fish and I was having the best time. Then suddenly, as we came around the corner of a rock shelf, there beneath me was a sizeable shark. I freaked and my dad squeezed my hand and brought me to the surface, comforting me with assurance and telling me it was just a ‘gummy.’

Whilst surfing at Byron Bay, I encountered another shark and it was not a harmless one this time. It was huge. It was a Great White. The shark passed right under me and I froze. As soon as the 4m long shadow passed, I quickly paddled back into shore.
Many reports were made of its sighting. Sadly, a week later I heard a report that an Ocean Swimmer was attacked and killed by a Great White shark, at that exact spot.

Though dangerous ocean dwellers, sharks are amazing creatures. If we choose to play in their backyard, we need to understand that we may be mistaken as food, or be the outcome of curiosity.


| Watercolour and Digital Technology |
| Limited Print Series of /50 |

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